David Dateien im Verzeichnis »DAVID\APPS\REPLICA\CODE«

Problem What do the files under »DAVID\APPS\REPLICA\CODE« mean?
Produkt David
Priorität none
Effekt harmless
Datum 14.12.2009

In the addressed directory you find the following files:
REPLICA.EXEProgram Code of the David Replica (on Windows)
REPLICA.INIContains the extended configuration settings.
REPLICA.PDFPDF document with detailed information about the Replication Services for David (up to version David V8. From David V8+ the informationen about the Replication Services for David are found in the »Technical reference for tje David Server Services.)
REPLICA.RESResource file for the program code
REPLICA.DATConfiguration file for system settings
REPLICA.TDOArchives to be synchronized -> see David Replica|Archive
ARCHIVE.REPFile which is found in the archive of the Client to be synchronized. If this is being renamed a basic synchronization is taken up. With this file the databases which shall be replicated are compared.

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